Carol Gardner’s Story

Carol Gardner… at 72 she’s not through

Carol Gardner with Zelda and MaxDaddy | MaxDaddy CBD Oil for DogsWhen Carol Gardner was 52 she was facing divorce, debt, and depression, but when her attorney sarcastically suggested that Carol “get either a therapist or a dog,” a light bulb went on in Gardner’s head.

She chose “dog!”

Gardner, a former advertising creative director, always wanted to use an English bulldog in the ads she created. English bulldogs reminded her of funny people. So it wasn’t a surprise when she brought home a four month old English bulldog she named Zelda.

Zelda became Gardner’s sidekick and best buddy. For fun, Carol started dressing Zelda in crazy costumes and creating greeting cards. This was back in the 90’s when no one thought of putting their pooches in costumes.

The result was that Zelda’s humorous greeting cards became an international sensation. Zelda, impersonating humans in her wacky costumes, was Carol’s canvas. She combined wit and one-liner wisdom. The Zelda greeting cards were a number one best seller for Hallmark and the Zelda images appeared on everything from calendars and clothing to cookie jars, books and figurines. Zelda also became a media celebrity, appearing on Oprah, GMA, the Today Show, CBS Sunday Morning, NBC Nightly News, etc.

Today, thanks to Zelda, the canine costume industry has become a billion-dollar business. For twenty years, and with the help of three Zeldas, Gardner continues producing the funny images and one-liners. Zelda-3 and Carol are busy creating the 2020 Zelda Wisdom wall calendar.

Now, at age 72, Carol is ready to prove that she’s not through. She has a new dog and a new project. Welcome MaxDaddy!

Gardner cares about rescue and shelter dogs

Recently she rescued MaxDaddy, a five-year-old male English bulldog, who came to her with a lot of problems. He had joint pain, arthritis, inflammation, anxiety and mobility issues. The good news is that MaxDaddy is a sweetheart, not only for Carol, but also for Zelda-3. It was love at first sight for C, Z-3 and MD.

The problems for Carol, however, were MaxDaddy’s problems.

Gardner consulted veterinarians, canine health care experts, and friends. In the process she was introduced to CBD, and for those of you who don’t know about CBD, it is a natural product derived from the hemp plant. Of course, the instant reaction, is “ah it’s marijuana for dogs.” CBD, however, isn’t psychoactive and does not cause a high. It is definitely not marijuana for dogs. It is often used as a healthy alternative for many medications or as a food supplement.

In her research for the perfect CBD products for MaxDaddy, Gardner discovered that the available products for dogs weren’t good enough. She found two PhD scientists who created the perfect CBD products in their lab for MaxDaddy.

Once she had these products in hand, Gardner tested them on MaxDaddy and Zelda-3. (Zelda- 3 has major anxiety issues).

The results for both pooches were remarkable. MaxDaddy moved without joint pain. He and Zelda could play together. Morning jousting became a habit for them. And the great news for Zelda and Carol was that Zelda was calm… and could carry on without her anxiety issues.

Today, dogs around the world are taking advantage of MaxDaddy CBD Bark Nuggets, MaxDaddy CBD Bark Dust and MaxDaddy CBD Oil Drops.

The update on Carol Gardner is that she has not ‘retired’… in fact she has ‘rewired’ with passion and enthusiasm for her new MaxDaddy project.


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