MaxDaddy’s Story

MaxDaddy is an often obstinate, always lovable, rescued English bulldog who found his forever family at the extra wrinkly age of five. MaxDaddy came with a heap of challenges including joint pain due to arthritis, inflammation, anxiety and mobility issues that together, prevented him from enjoying life to the fullest.

MaxDaddy’s pet partner, Carol Gardner, consulted veterinarians, canine health experts and friends to find solutions for MaxDaddy’s health issues. In the process, she was introduced to CBD, a natural product derived from agriculturally grown hemp plants.

Carol started digging and researched all pet products on the market that contained CBD, and discovered they simply weren’t good enough. So she partnered with two Ph. D scientists who created the perfect CBD products in their lab for MaxDaddy.

With samples in hand, she tested them on MaxDaddy with remarkable results. MaxDaddy began moving more freely and became more active.

The Real MaxDaddy | CBD Oil for Dogs
MaxDaddy & Zelda | CBD Oil for Dogs

Say Hello to Zelda

Carol also tested samples on Zelda, her female English Bulldog who had major anxiety issues. Zelda is the star behind Zelda Wisdom, a humorous line of calendars, posters, t-shirts, mugs and more… and MaxDaddy’s sweetheart. With the sample product, Zelda became much less anxious, and she and MaxDaddy now play together every day.

Adding quality CBD products to MaxDaddy and Zelda’s diet enhanced the quality of life for both pooches, and for Carol.


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